Saturday, February 6, 2010

Good Samaratan

Let's talk dog
Fluffy white clouds float over a calm caribbean. The sloshing of the surf is minimal compared to the two previous days. The wind weaves its way through the palms cooling skin warmed nicely by the winter sun. Our vacation in Patillas has been delightful. The Caribe Playa Beach Resort is charming in a fifties Susan Hayward movie kind of way. The rooms are a few feet from the beach which has plenty of palm trees for shade. It's small and intimate.
Tourists comb the beach to see what last night's tide washed ashore. That seems to be the most stenuous activity here or maybe snorkling. We are having a contented, relaxing vacation. It is the perfect counter balance to last week in my animal control officer class. Actually this is the perfect counter balance to any type of stress. When my husband says I'll get tired of the surf sounds, I have to wonder if he means in this life time.
I haven't seen a dog since we arrived at the resort. People in the room next to us are from Oswego, New York. The wife and I sit on the balcony in the morning talking about not missing snow, but missing their dogs. We share pictures of dogs like some people do of kids or grand babies. Once people find out I am a dog trainer it gives them permission talk about their furry friends. Mary told me about rescueing her Yorkie. How her friend knew it was the right dog for her. I could see that, she is the kind of woman you could picture with a Yorkie. Smile.
I find myself thinking about a lady I met at Playa Crash Boat in Aguadilla. She is one of the good samaratans of the island. Four years ago she and her husband moved here from Cape Cod. She carries food and water in her car so she can feed the dogs wherever she goes. I meet dog guardian angels where ever I go, but she was the first who carried water. I admire organized people like that. God bless her.

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