Monday, February 1, 2010

Barb & Bonita

My friend, Barb, is visiting us with her husband, Keith. When I returned from grocery shopping, I retreated to me room for a bit. Unaware of her audience, the lovely lady with the big heart was seducing shy Bonita. "Come on pretty girl, you can do it", she cooed in a voice that would be at the top of my list for non threatening.
So far Bonita will only allow me to touch her muzzle with my finger of the same hand that is feeding her. Socializing this puppy at this juncture is more than a tad difficult. I am the first human to touch her other than to kick at her. Any touching is purely a trade of you can touch only so much in a minimal way so she focuses more on the food. Any infraction changes the whole dynamic..
We're working with her on two platforms. 1st Is a straight trade, food for touch. 2nd Is social stimulus. She wants to be near us. The other dogs hang around for attention, play and grooming. Frequently I do do soft tissues on Blondie and Storm. She watches and I imagine, she wonders. As close as she gets, I believe that when she gets her courage up she will ask for it. I'll keep you posted because I don't see it any time soon.
The social platform I'm working on with her tells me more about her. The food thing is just so basic. When a dog you have no control over trusts you enough to do something to them that feels different and maybe momentarily somewhat uncomfortable, that's a decision the dog is making.
As of now I have never used any restraint on any of the street dogs. In a couple of months we will be taking Blondie and Bonita to be spayed, so it will be leashes for two.

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