Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Day In A Life

  These days I don't know too much of anything; how in the world is it that I was such a smart teenager?
  Last Saturday's animal summit was informative, however due to my minimal Spanish I missed alot.
  One of the panelists, a very pretty lady with big kind looking eyes, talked about a large number of dogs being killed at the shelter each day. I remember how sad it made me feel, thinking about putting the needle into the arms of sweet doggies. I bit my lip to keep from crying. "How can you think you could become an animal control officer, you'd have to do what needs to be done.", I chided myself, "Get a grip."
  The lady's warm, sweet demeanor won me over to thinking that they knew what was best and I'd better learn to deal with it. After all I am a new comer and know little about how things are done here in Puerto Rico. I respect the work the panelists are doing, so I let it go to the universe to guide me.
  Today we took our good the coast. We love showing off our island. We ate at El Anzuelo Grill & Cantina in Isabela across the road from the ocean. Food was good, price ditto. A nice young couple run the place and could not be sweeter. After lunch we hung out on the beach and watched a young man teaching a boy how to ride a horse. Actually the boy was a good rider, we enjoyed watching both of them.
  Later we went to the Eclipse at Villa Montana an open air restuarant right on the beach to watch some surfers ride the waves. Beach dogs are regulars at Villa Montana. There are always different dogs there, never the same, so I am guessing that dogs are picked up at some interval.
Today's trio of canids were vocal young min pin x chihuahua females. They knew everything that happened on the beach or they zoomed down to investigate. Everyone was greeted with low head postures, rapid low tail wags,ears folded back. In a wink they'd be too excited to control themselves so they'd rear up on hinder legs waving front paws in the air, then just a quick back to submissive control and up again. 
 The way they would work their ears to zero in on sound was beautiful to watch. Before long we forgot about the surfers entirely. The minis greeted a couple of beauties strolling the beach, then became fascinated by fishermen. A guard walked on the beach and pet one. 
  I began to have a conversation with the girls. The dark one decided rather early than she didn't want to bother with me. The most I could get from her was an occasional glance. The two light girls came over and got some head petting. Lip licking & little tails flying we visited briefly before they darted to the next point of interest.
  One light girl wouldn't come close enough for me to hand her a tostone, so I tossed it to her, she missed. The look on her face as she picked up the now sandy tostone was pure communication. She held her lips so far away from her teeth, she looked like the joker. A quick head shake did not dislodge enough sand for her, so she dropped it and walked away.
   The other light sister got close enough to take the food from my hand. We got along so well until I ran out of tostone.
  Pretty much I think we'd all agree that the life of a stray is hard, but its a life.
  As I watched these beautiful little dogs napping on pillows, I reflected on what one of my classmates told me today. She said that the large number of dogs that were euthanized each day were brought in the same day an instant death sentence, no hope of redemption or adoption.
Could I round them up and.....


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