Thursday, December 5, 2013

A Day In the Life of Animal Activist Adri Galler Lastra

“Co-kee,” little frogs sing, roosters crow, “Get up, dawn is coming,” Adri Galler quietly checks her email. The sound of surf rushing the shore washes in the window. The dogs bark when eager volunteer Camille pulls in behind the Amigos de Los Animales’ van. Marcie, a volunteer from Hatillo with a drive of over an hour, sips coffee in her car while watching waves clamoring ashore.
The ugliness of dogs comatose and dying in the streets is set in the splendor of God’s creation, lush green vegetation; yellow, orange and pink happy colors behind which poverty breeds cruelty most foul. Focus on God’s goodness while saving the lepers of the dog community is a challenge.  
Pets and street dogs of the tsunami zone breed twice yearly, but for intervention led by Adri Galler Lastra. Today dogs will be sterilized in a well organized trailer owned by Dr. Cruz, traveling veterinarian and his talented team.

Adri worked with the Department of Sports and Activities to get the basketball court, where a group of volunteers fill out necessary paperwork, while people file past the tables with pets on leashes or in their arms. In this poor neighborhood people have money for few frills for family, so sterilizing pets fell into no way, no how; until today. The community leaders assisting Adri and Dr. Cruz have an educational opportunity to make the next sterilization day an even bigger success by passing out fliers in the community and asking the people who come today to give the fliers to their friends and neighbors.

“Sing, Hallelujah,” for the core of folks who cared enough about their animals to do what is good for them. God made them that way; God will take care of them, seems to be what people say, so to see folks waiting anxiously for pets speaks of love in a way we can trust the most, action.
People of Pinones came together for our fellow creatures, led by Adri Galler Lastra, Animal Activist. Good job, everyone.


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