Saturday, December 28, 2013

A Dream for Puerto Rican Island Dogs

Picture low cost veterinarians servicing the needs of pets across the island in trailers, purchase subsidized by participation in an island wide sterilization plan with only forty participants being accepted.
40 vets sterilizing 120 dogs a week will have neutered 249,600 animals in a year. People on the island who buy dog food for their dogs will pay for example $20 for neutering, which should cover the costs, plus vaccinations and the three way test for an equally reasonable fee.  
With a majority of pets being neutered, attention can be turned to the truly feral, while worrying less about more being thrown out.
Island Vet Tech students volunteering for neuter events will have opportunity to shine before prospective employers, animal control officers or rescuers will have opportunity to coordinate local events of lasting value while strengthening the bond of animal caring people.
A segment of the market in today’s veterinary care geared towards the economically challenged part of the market place will find aid from the plethora of animal activists on the island. Veterinary trailers seem like a low cost way to open up an untapped segment of the market. Perhaps the department of tourism would offer low or no interest loans to dedicated vet who would neuter a documented number of dogs a year, my heavens, the details can be negotiated, just get a plan in place, we can get behind. They’re a lot of us here; we’ll all do our part.
Every rescuer I know is overrun with dogs, the lucky ones ship to the states, where every year an unbelievable number are euthanized annually.   
Mass murder of mutts for which, I believe, the government does pay, isn’t the answer. Spay is the way to control dog population, please. This could be a career opportunity for vets who will service this community. Surely there’s a leader in the government, who will champion the cause with a reasonable plan.
Tourist internet sites teem with comments of visitors shocked by starving dogs, a sad, disturbing sight. The Department of Tourism might support a plan to improve Puerto Rico’s image abroad.
40 vets, neuter 40 dogs, 3 days a week (or 120 a week) = 249,600 neutered a year.  

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