Monday, December 9, 2013

Puppy in the Road by ChiPing

Returning home from the U.S. Post Office on this fine December morn, mom stopped on the scenic route over the hill, where she sits looking at the lake and the mountains, but today she got out of the car; mom never gets out of the car on this narrow road, there isn’t enough room. If a car came in the other direction, we’d have to back down to a safe place to pull over.
Blondie and I try to jump out the window to see what’s going on, if it was open a just a wee bit more. Mom bent over in front of the car; what’s wrong mom? She wobbled around, going from side to side of the car. I heard a puppy squeak; open that window I’m coming out. Blondie and I got so excited, we started barking. Mom got back in with a big white bucket that smelled of puppy. Puppy, what are you doing with that puppy in the car? Let’s see it! Blondie and I jostled to get into the front, but mom ordered us back; she doesn’t yell, she doesn’t have to, she does the tone that goes with the look that says, “You don’t want to see the look that froze Medusa,” so we settled in the back until we got home.
Robert Redford and Lucky raced up the driveway before us. We barked the news of the puppy. When mom opened the door the boys tried to pile in the car. She slid out with the bucket before the boys could figure out what happened, mom and the puppy in the bucket were in the house.
We ran from window to window hoping to hear what mom was doing to the puppy. We don’t need another mangy puppy; take it back now. Later, the damp puppy placed in the grass smelled of the wonderful liver veggy pate we had on our kibble last night. You didn’t give that little cur our liver pate, oh, no! How could you!
The puppy tried to suckle Blondie, who acted like somebody gave her a jolt of maternal hormones. She was on her side; this little rat was going to suckle her. When teeth touched the tit, she came to her senses. The crazy pup tried to suckle Robert Redford. That naughty boy laid on his back, like suckle all you want. He flew upright when the five week old introduced him to puppy teeth.  She reminds Lucky of his sister, who died, so he’s in love with this critter.
Not being so enamored I kept my distance, when this idiot pup checked me for milk. My snapping teeth found their mark, the puppy shrieked and, now, you know, so did mom. Banished for brutality, me; can you believe it!

Wait, tonight we’ll be getting less liver veggy pate; you’ll see.  

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