Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Welcome to the Sato Zone

In my car I carry dog food, water and a few cups. Puerto Rico abounds with dogs, wherever I go there’s a dog on the side of the road in need of a meal.
My little country road is unaccustomed to the number of abandoned dogs we’re seeing this year. The road has given me four dogs. My life plan for retirement was to have no dogs, so I could travel. I don’t have forever, my plan’s important, but God gave me four dogs to love. Blondie and Chi are my girls, love them mucho! Lucky and Robert Redford are for adoption if the right family comes along. They would be so much better off. Never forget Smoki, who will be seventeen if he isn't already. That cat shared our lives in Illinois and will wherever I go.
If I see a creature in need I respond like all animal lovers do. Darla, the little puppy in the bucket from just last week doubled in size, with a flea and tick bath and Betadine scrub she’s comfortable. Now, according to rescuing rules of the island I’m expected to pay for vet check, sterilization, vaccinations and treatments required. She’s my dog. She was dehydrating in a bucket. She would have died. I believe in not making creatures; not killing them. To be born to die without a chance; that’s cruelty, so she’s my dog.
I've paid to have animals sterilized and treated. I've taken dogs to wonderful rescuers, who have gotten the dogs great homes in the states. How long can this go on? I have a puppy here I sure as heck don’t want. She needs vaccinations and treatment for some skin condition that seems to be responding fairly.
Maintenance had to be done on my house. I have NO money to pay for animals others create, but somehow I’m getting sucked into this vortex, going down the sato hole.
Since I know I’ll always do what I can, what that is needs to be established.
All get food and water.
If I pick them up or they’re hanging by my house, I get them neutered and vaccinated when I can. Being old and broke sucks, but there you have it. I am grieving my husband, which requires my active participation. Dog stuff breaks my concentration.
How much do those veterinarian trailers cost? I’m tired of this; let’s neuter the neighborhood.  Maybe the government could offer incentive to veterinarians who purchase these trailers and do a required number of neuters a year.  Why is there only one in Puerto Rico?
I still think tourism would benefit by ads of volunteer visiting veterinarians loving the island, the people and donating time to neuter our beloved Puerto Rican Island Dogs. People do love them when they’re not overwhelmed with them. The world knows about the problem, telling the world about the solution would be good for business; don’t you think?
Nah, an ad with snapping fingers telling Puerto Rico does it better without specifying what it is; that’d be better. Maybe, I’m having a bad day. 


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