Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Big Day For Bonita

The dogs greeted me enthusiastically, when I came out after a couple of hours holed up reading. They were doing that circling let's get thumped behavior. Storm & Blon show how much they love it with their open mouth slack jaw and of course tail. Bonita is excited, but focuses on trying to get the other dog's attention.
In order for me to try to pet Bonita she must come into my target range. We do not do the flailing arms and hands thing.
She's either in the target zone or my hands are on the others. Bonita does a "yaaraurgh" in a high pitched puppy voice while sticking her foot in Stormy's mouth. Her enticement for him to play is ignored. He is here to see me. Blondie gets the same foot in the mouth thing, which she is oblivious to, so Bonita steps between my toes to try again to get their attention.
She knows where I am and still enters the target zone. My hand glides smoothly down her left side. She tolerated much more with this touch than ever before. We continue the game and she allows three more strokes.
The first stroke was by far the longest. I think she liked it, then realized what was happening. The other three strokes were as much neurological stimulation as she could tolerate.

None of these dogs would play with me.The street dogs play with each other. I've only seen them play with a rag or a stick a couple of times. There is a tube that antiseptic wipes came in, I kick it around. The adult dogs have no interest; Bonita was curious finally she chased it. They looked at her oddly like they just don't get it.
Now sometimes I hear her rolling the tube around or chewing on it at night. Yes, some nights I am so delighted that I taught her that.
This afternoon Boni was positively sassy. She nipped as she bounced past, Blondie took up pursuit. Bonita rolls on her back for her mother, who mouths her neck softly. Stormy then runs with Bonita, he gives her his tummy. She woofs at him like she will take advantage of his position. While still on his back, he takes her lip between his teeth. I'd say that girl had a balanced lesson today.

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