Monday, March 8, 2010

F.O.I.C.C.A. Meeting

The inaugural class of Animal Control Officers in Puerto Rico graduated 1/30/10. The energy of enthusiasm vibrated through all of us. This group of newly certified Animal Control Officers would be dedicated to helping the stray animals. It felt like a monumental moment in the history of a long crusade to get a handle on a big problem.
FederaciĆ³n de Oficiales e Investigadores de Crueldad y Control de Animales had the organizational meeting one week later. Since we had a prior commitment I missed the first meeting. Our officers were elected, the work of the organization began.
Saturday morning, March 6th we took care of the dogs, then hit the road in the rain for Vega Alta. My thoughts turned from all the work we have to do to how great it will be to see my classmates about seventy-five officers graduated. We predictably were the first to arrive.
In any organization there is an inner core of of dedicated people and here we were all tweleve of us. My initial thought was that the rain had decreased the attendance, but no this is about the same number that made it to the last meeting.
F.O.I.C.C.A. President, Mario Puchi called the meeting to order shortly after 1 pm. The meeting was productive; dues were collected, committees formed.
Alma Febus will chair education, she should be excellent. Alma is a high energy little lady who is dedicated to the cause.
I was appointed to chair the sterilization committee. That is more than I expected. My hope was to just be on the committee, but I also expected twice the number that showed up for the meeting.
Since the course, my thoughts have been on how we really need a massive nueter campaign. I do not approve of dogs being collected and euthanized in the same day. The frustration of shelter managers, that so many dogs are collected with little hope of a home is understood. Here is my shot at making a difference. I pray that God guides me.
Our work as a group is just beginning. I salute my comrades I am proud of the dedicated officers. We had a fine meeting. The task is at hand.

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