Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Time To Take The Puppies

Oh, what a day it's been. I woke up congested & coughing. My body always gives me a hard time when I must do something I don't want to do. So I feel like hell about taking Blondie's not yet five week old puppies away from her. I can hardly breathe. It would be so nice to go back to bed, yuck.

Blondie and I observe our morning greeting ritual. Dogs are so ritual oriented, if we people would get that, relations would improve across the board. I feel like as dirt bag traitor thumping this mommy while planning to whisk her children away. Her ears are soft and submissive. I playfully grab her tail; she gently puts her teeth on my hand. I remove her mouth with my hand around her muzzle. She pushes her head into my hand so I'll rub her. We have such a good relation; we're girl friends. I feel awful.

Time to get on with taking the puppies to my friend Adri at Amigos de Animales, a rescue organization whose work I admire greatly. Adri will send the puppies to the states where they'll find good homes.

Four puppies are in the crate quickly, of course, the last puppy is well under the house. Must be a law somewhere.

In the animal control course in January the instructor talked about us going under houses to get animals. I remember thinking me, yeah right. Now here I am with that very situation. Heck, I haven't been under a house since I was a twelve year old in New Orleans. My twelve year old neighbor boy to the rescue; it's good to be twelve.

I held Blondie on a kennel lead while Manuel went under the house. She resisted only for a second, then settled in as if she knew. I almost hate that she is so connected to me. I could teach this dog to do just about anything. We have that special something. You don't get that with all dogs. It makes me want to keep her so much.

The puppies are quiet on the long drive to Isla Verde. My congestion clears up before we stop to check on Blondie's babies. Adri will keep the litter together with a nice adult; that's imperative for proper socialization. I am nothing if not a fanatic on puppy socialization.

We are heading to Illinois in three weeks so tomorrow Blondie and Bonita are being spayed. They need time to recuperate. Taking the pups away from her was so hard; what a baby I can be.

Getting Bonita and Blondie into crates is the fun yet to come. Wish us luck, later.

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