Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Good Bye Old Friend

Over the years I have been blessed to know so many wonderful dogs and people, too. Dogs love you with a zest, an intensity.
My Sadie was that way, so intense. Her first couple of years were screwed up from abuse to outrageous spoiling. Who wouldn't be screwed up after that?

She always wanted to be first in everything. Sadie was one of the me-me girls.
Her idea of getting along in a group was running it. With our Bullmastiffs she acted as if "I am the smartest, you should do what I say." I feared that would get her into trouble; but let he do her thing hoping she could handle it. I could see that the bullies were getting tired of having their butts nipped.
Sadie was so much smarter than the bullies that for a while they did what she wanted. She was the leader; a bossy bitch is what was to them. When one of the bully boys turned on her after a nip on the rear, they all piled on her.

We carried her to the house after a long nap, she picked her head up with a big happy dog face and looked around; like "I'm in the house!"

Everything we did together; she always seemed happy to be doing it. In her spirit is a great joy of life. Some beings just seem to radiate that; others just seem to go through the day.
In June of 2009 a great little golden puppy came into Sadie's life. Eight weeks old and full of himself, Shaker bounced around the canine senior citizen. She moved slowly so the fast youngster got to lead. Sadie gave him confidence in so many ways. So many times last summer I'd look at the two of them in my yard and think school is in session. She was gentle, so wise.

When she became paraplegic, I felt her loss deeply. Last fall I was quite depressed because of it. My husband, Kirt and I would carry her out on a blanket to do her business. Her eyes would follow me around the house, we were sad together.
One day Kirt's back would not allow him to help me get her back in the house. I do soft tissue and body work, so I decided the only way I can get her in the house is to pick her up by the tail and guide her in with my other hand, blah, blah.
Once her rear was off the ground this old girl dragged me around the yard. She didn't want to stop. Until her canine wheelchair was delivered, we "tailed" her everywhere. We have a three acre fenced dog park behind our house, after the day care dogs go home Sadie would circle the dog park leaving her scent.

With her new wheel chair Sadie was ambulatory again, I mean she was all over the property. We would visit the girls in the office. She ran to the fence to bark at clients, just like old times.
Sadie loved life, she showed it in the pure spirit way dogs do. I sometimes think that dogs are higher spirits come to teach us how to love because they do such a good job.
I want to thank and honor the staff at Carrvilla, A Better Dog School, Boarding & Day Care, my staff. You did a wonderful job of caring for Sadie. I know you love her.
Sadie was a part of the Carrvilla community. Smokey the cat will miss having Sadie to aggravate. Can two bossy animals from different species get along? It was fun to watch.
Sadie related to each person, she looked happy to see you guys. I couldn't have left her if she didn't have such wonderful care takers, thank you so much.
Sadie we love you, thanks for sharing your life with us.


  1. Awwwwwww :( I'm so sorry for your loss, I wouldn't know what i would do if i lost my dog, my heart would be deeply broken. It must be really difficult for you, Sadie is in a better place now and i'm sure is looking over you and with you everyday in spirit. Be strong & keep those memories close to your heart! RIP Sadie!

    -Jackie Lanier-

  2. Sadie was an amazing girl. So lucky to have crossed your path. Today I introduced my girl's Hemi and Nilla to a kindergarden class as two of my very best friends. It is amazing to me how close we can become to our canine friends. They pull at your heart in ways I can't describe. My thoughts are with you both as you grieve for one of your best friends.

  3. I'm so sorry for your loss. It is amazing how a dog can touch our lives. You are in my thoughts.