Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I'm so Blue

Bonita and Blondie are off being spayed. Stormy is just off somewhere. When you've got to have a dog fix, you need it bad! I may just go pet something.
It always weirds me out that I can be so obsessed with dogs that are not mine. How can that seem strange when my whole life dogs have been an obsession?
We don't realize how spoiled we are in the states. Four times I've stopped myself from calling the Pet Vet to find out how the girls are doing. This is a massive low cost sterilization day at this clinic. As busy as I know those folks are going to be, a just checking call doesn't sound like a good idea.
The last we saw Stormy was in the rear view mirror as we left with his women. I hope Mel is right and dogs are very forgiving. Come to think about it, the girls had better be forgiving as well.

Then there is my Sadie, back at Carrvilla. My ancient friend is well cared for by our loving staff. She has them so well trained. They hand feed her; ever wonder what a dog snicker sounds like? Sadie, my Sadie was one of my first posts. For the screwed up, messed up dog she started out as she has become the closest of friends and heart of my heart. Here is also a girl that can ignore me in favor of my husband long enough to let me know she is not happy. You have to have had a dog ignore you to believe that a dog can do that to you. To see Sadie running in her wheel chair again will be a blessing.
Sorry to whine, it's time to go pick up the girls, yeah. Bye.


  1. "It always weirds me out that I can be so obsessed with dogs that are not mine."
    I find this an interesting thought that I have never questioned. Aren't some of the most meaningful things in our lives people? People that we do not own? People that we share amazing relationships with... I think you get where I am going. The thing I value in dogs is the relationship and I know you feel the same. It has nothing to do with ownership. I don't find it weird at all. :)

    Hope all went well with the girls. Dogs are absolutely the most forgiving beings I have ever met. I have worked with many species and let me tell you, some can hold a grudge. (parrots!, cats!!, even horses) There is something very special and uniquely canine. I have never taken a muzzle off a dog after an unplesant procedure and had it come after me, do that with a cat and you make sure all you limbs are clear before that cat is free. :)

  2. I just want you to know I understand how you feel. In order to come to school this year, I had to make a huge sacrifice to live in the dorms. I left my dog back in Ohio with my parents. It's as if I feel twice as much stress because I don't get to see her. I feel so bad for just leaving her. It's odd though, she doesn't seem to hold it against me at all. When I do get to visit home, it's as if I never left. I almost get knocked down when she runs out to say hello. I'm working on finding a different place to live next year so I can once again have my best friend by my side.