Thursday, March 4, 2010

Post Op Spay Day One

"It always weirds me out that I can be so obsessed with dogs that are not mine."
I find this an interesting thought that I have never questioned. Aren't some of the most meaningful things in our lives people? People that we do not own? People that we share amazing relationships with... I think you get where I am going. The thing I value in dogs is the relationship and I know you feel the same. It has nothing to do with ownership. I don't find it weird at all. :)

Hope all went well with the girls. Dogs are absolutely the most forgiving beings I have ever met. I have worked with many species and let me tell you, some can hold a grudge. (parrots!, cats!!, even horses) There is something very special and uniquely canine. I have never taken a muzzle off a dog after an unpleasant procedure and had it come after me, do that with a cat and you make sure all you limbs are clear before that cat is free. :)

Thanks, Mel, you are so right; its all about the relationship. And, yes, people are way cool, too. My early life was shall we say, “dysfunctional" so my best first relationship was with a dog. Kids growing up in a loving friendly home have a pet as another safe relationship; for kids growing up in an unfriendly home the pet is safe love.

Now, on to the subject of forgiving; Bonita is not. After the long ride home, the girls got out to potty. They both took nice long voids. Blondie took two steps then curled in ball in the grass. Bonita staggered then took off somewhere in the shadows. There was no getting her anywhere near us, mostly me.

Blondie is still out of it. She ate a small breakfast. Bonita sucked hers up in front of her mother; there's a first. She shot me a look of contempt or was that a growl. My very social Blondie is giving me the pathetic dog signals: belly 1/3 of the way up, front and rear left paws in the air and tip of tail beating the floor.

Bonita seems just sure that she was right not to trust me. When I walk past her I just talk to her. It tickles me how much dogs love it when we talk to them. Boni likes talk in spite of herself. Her behavior has regressed to where it was when we first arrived.

By afternoon Bonita is no longer running away every time she sees me approach. She started this morn with tight lip that told me she could be showing more of her teeth if she felt unsafe.

Dr. Temple Grandin (I am big fan) says that fear is an animal's strongest emotion. Realizing that at a gut level is important with dogs, not just knowing it in your head.

My ally cheese is convincing Bonita to rethink getting close to me again. After a couple of sessions she's taking bigger pieces from my hand. Ok, looks like hope is on the menu tonight, so we'll talk about all the post op goodies we have to do with these guys later.

Emily thanks for your kind words. I hope you get to bring your best friend next year. Good luck.

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  1. I trust that Bonita's recovery from this recent "insult" will be swift and that her trust will quickly rebound to the point you were pre-op. Lingering anesthetic can cause disorientation. Her more fearful behavior could be a side effect as well. I've seen many recovering dogs become almost hyper responsive to everything around them for quite an amount of time. Sometimes the remainder of the day or longer. She sure had quite an experience, wish we could explain to them why it happened. Hoping and praying for a swift recovery for both girls and Bonita's restoration of trust.