Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Adri Lastra Galler, Dedicated Animal Savior

Adri Lastra Galler, Amigos de Animales was the first name that began to show up when I googled the Puerto Rican island dogs.
The Amigos de Animales web site gave me the first glimmer of what is really happening with the dogs.
The peace and contentment of one who is living her life's purpose is in her eyes almost as much as the sadness that comes from never being able to do enough. 
During the years I couldn't afford to return to the island, I read what Adri had to say about the dogs and the horses she has rescued. Where animals were in need; there is Adri Galler.
When the dog catchers threw the dogs off the bridge, Adri was one of the first to be called because they know Adri cares. 
When gangs were using and abusing horses, Adri was instrumental in catching criminals and saving horses. 

All the while caring for her bricabrac collection of strays/satos. Adri could continue with the placement of her strays in the states; that would be a full plate for most, but no there's more.
The one woman mega force brought a standard of education in animal control to Puerto Rico. Because of her efforts no dog will be thrown off a bridge in Puerto Rico by any animal control officer. 
Adri saw what was wrong, then worked to fix it. She worked long and hard; not for thank you, but for her beloved "Satos". Congratulations to Adri as the second course for Animal Control Certification begins in June, 2010. 
There is no rest for the dynamic lady. The offspring of her Animal Control Course is the Federation of Animal Control Officers or FOICCA. By popular demand Adri has agreed to take a more active  of the fledgling organization for the benefit of the animals and members. 
Adri has earned the respect of animal activists around the island and elsewhere. I am so proud to call her my friend and mentor. Thank you, Adri, this is one more good thing you're doing.

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