Monday, May 10, 2010

Special Dogs

Lately I've been dealing with a lot of dysfunctional dogs: barking, biting and fighting.  Getting a dog's behavior to turn around is always a source of satisfaction and often frustrating. 
On any given day I enjoy the company of dogs, but today I'm thinking about a couple of dogs endowed with a special spirit.
The first that comes to mind is a lovely Rottie girl named Belle Star. She was a hero I wrote about in an earlier post, who saved a child from being kidnapped.
That night my first Rottie girl, Testie died; my heart ached. Our dogs are not allowed in the bed. Belle had never before or after gotten into our bed. As I laid in bed sobbing, she landed gingerly next to me. Her body was an inch from mine, only our energy fields touched. I started to tell her to get off the bed, but I was comforted by her presence. For the moment I didn't care, my grief was overwhelming. When my crying stopped, just before I fell asleep she lightly jumped off. Belle showed me an uncommon empathy.
The second special spirit was Mabeline,a Bullmastiff.
Mabel hit the front door to come in the house. This wasn't unusual. My husband, Kirt let her in then sat down. Mabel came over to Kirt and put her head in his lap. He stroked her head. She opened her mouth revealing a live  baby bird, which he took.
She headed back to the door. Kirt followed her to where she found the baby bird. It wasn't ready to fly. The wind blew it out of the nest. Thanks to Mabel Kirt put the fledgling back in the nest. Her tender heart transcended anything that could be explained by drives.
I wonder what gift of spirit that allows a being this altruism, when others struggle with acceptable behavior.

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  1. Your post is so familiar. I have been lucky enough to have one of those very special dogs... Make that two. One is so very special with people. She can read people better than any dog I have ever known. She has no trained manners. She jumps on me, she jumps on her friends... I don't care. She never jumps on anyone who doesn't want her to. She has done alot of therapy work. I took her to a library read program once with 40 children in the room ranging all grade school ages. She slowly made her way around the room while we were setting up, she seemed to be visiting each child and then moving quietly on. She stopped a few feet away from two kids huddled together. The instructor told me they were afraid of dogs as I went to go retrieve her before she scared them, she laid down in front of them put her head on the ground and waited. She didn't get close enough so that they backed away. She seemed to move right to the edge of their comfort zone and waited. Slowly the kids became more comfortable with this strangely quiet yellow dog. Within minutes they were curious enough to move closere and start petting. My girl never quivered a muscle. It took my breath away. She has done things like this countless times and it still brings a tear to my eye. I thought I was lucky just having her but along came her daughter. A kindred spirit. She encountered a baby kitten (maybe 4 weeks old)and wanted to play with it. Quickly realizing that her play bow was not being reciprocated she ran for a toy and gently placed it in front of the kitten. Still not engaging play, my little girl licked the kitten all over and lay down next to her. At this point the kitten moved in to nurse. (This dog had not had puppies) My little girl alowed this kitten to nurse and then the curled up together and slept. I've always wondered why some dogs have these special gifts. I am blessed to have them in my life.