Saturday, May 29, 2010

A Pack of Street Dogs

These dogs were about a half mile down the hill from where we live in Puerto Rico. Dogs pack up to hang out for a while. They don't run in a pack like this full time. Each dog has a spot where it lives. Some spots can accommodate more than one dog depending on the food supply. These dogs live in front of the gate pretty much as singles. I am just getting to know them.
Stormy, Blondie & Bonita visit with these guys seldom as far as I know. When they leave this spot, it isn't together. Sometimes I think it's because they don't want to leave their spot unattended.
These are some of the dogs I believe Stormy barks to on dog chatter nights. Where I live in Illinois is flat open country. Here it's like living in a bowl, the acoustics are different.  Everything sounds close.
The other night a dog barked in pain for almost five minutes, which is a very long time for a pain bark. At first I could hear the shock and terror in the bark, then it took on a mournful tone, finally it muffled into silence. This is usually the sound of a dog that's been hit run over by a car.
Notice in the picture the dog standing several feet behind the pack holding his left front foot up. I would bet that this is the dog whose pain bark I heard. The voice matches the size of the dog. Dogs of this age are really street smart, I don't understand how he got hit; unless he is a car chaser like Stormy.
You might think that these dogs all live in front of houses right in a row or very close to each other. Their spots aren't all that far apart. but there are other dogs living between them. It makes me wonder why these guys decided to hang out today and not the others.


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