Sunday, May 30, 2010

Street Dogs Hanging Out

Dog behavior might be better understood, if we knew more about how they live their lives when not under our control. So much more than a collection of drives, they make choices each day about where they go, if they hang out with the gang or go it alone.
Dogs can make bitter enemies. Peanut, the little guy facing the camera hates Stormy with a habanera passion. They were once friends. This cunning little dog has the ability to motivate other dogs. Last year I watched him get the larger dogs to threaten Storm into staying outside the pack and away from Blondie, who they were breeding. She even threatened Storm when he got close to her even tho they are good friends.
This photo was taken just before the lead pic. It's Peanut gratifying himself on a much larger boy.
Often people talk about little dogs having a Napolean complex, usually it's just bluster or the owner backs his play. This is the first little dog I've seen to actually be a tyrant all on his own steam.
Zorro is the dark red dog with black fringe. Last year he was so high ranking that when he walked up to the pack breeding, the dog that was on her dismounted so Zorro could breed. He was more of a loner then, this year I see him in the pack more frequently. He has lost vigor. It's probably much more difficult for the larger dogs to maintain themselves on the meager food supply. 
The day before there were eight dogs hanging out. Of the six this day only four were of the original group. Later in the day they were all back at their spots hoping for leftovers.  

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