Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Puerto Rican Dogs

The Puerto Rican island dogs have been calling my name. Does anybody believe in meant to be or destiny?
The crazy people of the world run around on this crusade or that endeavor for a wider benefit. The simple beauty of a life lived in pursuit is the peace of mind you can never get in the I me mode.
Throughout my life there has been the constant thread of dogs. Some years it was in the back ground, but always present. Dogs!
There are so many wonderful "dog" people around the planet. There are the biggies whose names we all know. There are the dog lovers, who toil in obscurity taking care of strays in their back yards, pouring every extra dime they get into improving the quality of life of dogs where they can. 
The love of dogs unites us in a spiritual way. During the animal control officers course in San Juan last January, the positive energy was stimulating. 
I believe that God puts us on a path. My path has lead to Puerto Rico and the island Satos. 
If somebody finds my instruction manual, please return it. I am here, but I don't know that the heck to do.

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