Sunday, May 30, 2010

PAWS, Puerto Rican Animal Welfare Society Adoption Day

The smiling lady holding the puppy is Evelyn Ramos, who lead the team of volunteers. Evelyn has run this adoption event for seven years. Her day begins gathering equipment and bathing puppies. She knows all about the personalities of each puppy, who's outgoing, who's shy and needs more social time. This program is a success because of Evelyn's expertise. 
Mercedes, the charming lady in the foreground has a quick eye for what's going on and how to best help Evelyn. 
Crowds gather all afternoon. Everyone wants to see and maybe hold a puppy. People passing have their stories of how many dogs they, many adopted right here.The kids held the puppies gently. The best part was the more the puppies were held, the more they clamored to get out and be held. PAWS is a no kill shelter affiliated with the Pet Vet, both are in Isabela.
 Their good work needs support.

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