Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Dogs, Study, Vacation

For someone into dogs, Puerto Rico has the possibility to become the coolest vacation place in the world.

Imagine dog behavior not based on your presence, your control. In this place dogs don’t live with you as much as they live alongside you.

These dogs don’t do tricks for treats. Their behavior is shaped minimally by man; not really minimally, but nowhere near as much as pets.

A Puerto Rican dog learns to fear man, fear cars. They learn to watch humans closely or avoid them and yet, they are habituated to us in ways other predators will never be.

After twelve years of doggie day care I thought I knew so much about dog behavior. What I could not have guessed was how little our naïve pets know.

Around San Juan there is too much congestion, too many dogs on beaches, suffering. This is not a pleasant sight.

In the country where we live, man and dog can live in harmony. With population control we can have a peek at how our ancestors lived with dogs. The knowledge each species had for the other is all but lost. The number of behavior problems trainers deal with each day should tell us that. The level of organization found in the colony here on the hill is amazing. It’s like a prairie dog society, so is their sentence structure.

This is an interesting opportunity to study dogs. I’m thinking about doing a bed and breakfast for serious students of dogs. Anybody interested?

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