Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Isla Encanto Not This Time

Visiting Puerto Rico should make memories not activists. Sounds like some lucky vet in Ponce is going to get a new best client, this letter is from a lady who visited over the holidays.

Is this how we want Puerto Rico to be perceived or can we say Spay is the Way Puerto Rico?

My name is ------- and I just signed up and joined the foundation on facebook. I recently came to Puerto Rico for Christmas 2010 and was devestated at the over population problem there on the Island. I spent my vacation feeding the animals in Ponce Puerto Rico as well as the beaches there. THey were everywhere. I cried so much I puked. I am still devestated and have nightmares. Im horrified and THANK GOD FOR PEOPLE AND ORGANIZATIONS LIKE YOURS. I want to be part and help in any way possible. I live in Florida..right out of Tampa..about 20 mins. I will be spending ALOT of time in Puerto Rico because I want to help the animals. I want to make a difference. It takes a special person to stop her vacation and take her own money and buy dog food and feed the animals. Ponce is loaded just like San Juan. Dead Dog Beach...I fed dogs there also on my vacation. Parguerra...Ponce area..fed there. The dry forest..fed there too. I have receipts...I spent 700 dollars feeding animals. My boyfriend never said a word. He loves me and knows how I am. We have issues here in FLorida and the states but NOTHING compares to what I saw there in PR. Please let me know what I can do to help in addition to traveling the animals back to Florida. We fly American Airlines so it wont be a problem at all. We are flying into San Juan in June and staying till July 28th. I will be happy to assist if there is a need at that time and any other time I make it in between. We are going to also be in PR December 2011 for 3 weeks..i will keep you posted and will also travel with the pets then too. This summer I will be there, we are planning to buy a place in Ponce while there so we can spend 6 months there and 6 months here in Florida. While there in the summer if you need volunteers to feed the animals, I am more than willing to do so. I will buying some food myself and feed as I take my kids to PR for the first time. I hate for them to see this but awareness needs to be made to what the PR govt is allowing to happen on the Island. I want to help make a change on the Island for these animals. My mom runs a animal sanctuary in Florida, I have seen what happens. I will let my voice be heard. I have letters to the Gov. and anyone else i can get ahold of. I am going to make a fuss here in the states also.

Please let me know how I can be part of your organization and help out when Im in PR weather its feeding the animals, giving medicines to animals..i want to help. Please send me any information on the organization as I can make regualar donations but need to make sure its all legit. You can understand that cant I have so many ideas. Oh yea...this is my goal...I want to get involved with organizations to help take care of the homeless animals and bring about spay and neuter programs. My boyfriend and I will be buying a place in the Ponce area..more torwards the beach he has family there. We want a little land because I am going to start my own PR animal Sanctuary. I will be flying my dad over to build cat houses and dog runs and houses. I want the experience of volunteering so I can learn alot and start my own animal rescue. This is what my vacation did to me and my boyfriend. Most people wouldnt dare come back after what I saw. that is why tourism is down. Its really sad. PR has the potential to be a PREMIER VACATION SPOT. People are afraid to go there while the PR govt sits back with fat wallets. My voice will not go unheard...the govt ruined my dream vacation and now I cant sit back and do nothing..i have to do something. We are fortunate in our lives and want to share. Please let me know how to help and how to be involved. You want me to write letters every week to the PR Govt, YOU GOT

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