Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday In The Hood

Yesterday Stormy and Blondie went on a visit to the neighborhood dog hang out.  Scent marking is involved and I’d love to know what else.

I do know one other thing the little rascals did. They let Owl hobble along on his three good legs. The trio barked at a man walking up the hill. They sniffed and scent marked. It seemed like a casual outing. When they got to the end of their territory, they turned on Owl barking, and biting him.

Just out of territory Owl cut into the woods, up the side of the steep hill and down the other. Clever Owl was lying on the new dog pillow on our porch, when Stormy returned.

This is a guy-guy thing. Blondie chooses to back Stormy for now. Owl’s right rear leg is healing slowly. All bite wounds are closed, no abscesses forming. Every once in a while I see him putting the leg down to push with it.

The dogs know my no fighting rule. They no longer snarf and grumble with each other in our presence. At night when I hear low growls, doggie swear words, I only have to come near the window to silence them.

Stormy has always managed to run off other males wanting his spot. The method he employs is your basic nag constantly. He knows just how far he can push it before a larger male kicks his scrappy little butt.

Neighborhood dogs visit occasionally doing what I call spot checks because its more about checking out the other dog’s digs than visiting. At least that’s my impression when the guys visit Stormy. There’s an evening’s entertainment, if you like watching body language.

Blondie took off by herself this afternoon. She returned shortly before dinner. The new dog pillow now has her name on it.

We’re just hanging around the house for the weekend. I sprained my ankle. Have a good one.

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