Saturday, January 22, 2011

Veterinarios de Puerto Rico

Why would the veterinarians of Puerto Rico want to have a meeting with the rescuers of the island dogs? Emotions run high on the subject of the satos.

In the states there is animal control, which generally has a veterinarian administrator. Maybe the vets here don’t want to take time from their private practice for such a post?

There is no time to build shelters for 100,000 animals. We must begin to control the population through sterilization.
Doctors, we need your input.

Of course, you will be paid for your services. Yes, some people think you should donate time to this cause. They are wrong. This is your business.

Your business is treating animals. Why don’t we help you figure out a way to access a larger share of the market place?

This is an opportunity; it doesn’t have to be painful for you. It can be profitable.

Puerto Rico has a model animal cruelty law, ley 154. Puerto Rico can lead the way in animal control.

Doctors, it is up to you.

Please, contact me through my blog email, if I may be of service.

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