Sunday, January 2, 2011


100,000 feral dogs roaming beaches, city streets, verdant country valley or palm tree orchard. Dogs fornicating; puppy corpses rotting in the road; is this the image of Puerto Rico?

How about rounding up the strays by the truck load and needling them; is this the image for Puerto Rico? Sad eyes rolling down the highway to death camp is not what dog loving tourists want to see; nor do we, very strongly we do not!

As if this problem were not bad enough; what would happen to the rat population if the dogs were gone? Would they bring in fox or coyote? Or would they poison?

When your poisoned pets die, people of Puerto Rico will you cry? Or will you demand of your leaders another way?

Will it take the death of a beloved family pet of a vacationing rich man? So if you can’t poison the rats, what are you going to do when rats ruin the food crops of the island?

Spay, trap & release anyone?

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