Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Psycho Bitch Moves In

Milkshake our Rottweiler foster began to bully the golden Shaker. The fear in his eyes made me afraid that this was a bad idea.

Shaker would try to come to us for petting; she would warn him off. Shaker vacated his favorite spot on the end of the sofa, when she gave an almost inaudible growl. My baby looked unhappy.

When the dogs at the kennel came out, the bitch hit the sliding glass door so hard I thought it would break. She jumped on the table to get a better look. She stared and growled at the casa blanca fans like they were going to attack her. She jumped on my table! That will never do.

Wild out of control barking ruled the yard when the boarders were out, so I began to stagger her trips outside. We work hard to make our guests fell welcome. Milkshake’s fierce barking was not compatible with the energy dynamic we strive to create.

Sensitive to movement, yep that’s a way to label some of her weird behavior.

Running into people, jumping on them, no control; those are other labels that could go on her behavior.

We examined her neck and face to find multiple scars, so she was no stranger to dog fights.

Well, we understood why Patty did not have her on the adoption list.

The first thing we did was to change her name to Mikki.

Shaker lives to be in the good dog zone. Each time he heard the correction sound the poor boy shriveled up looking miserable.

Mikki knew no rules, so she heard the stop what you are doing sound frequently.

Should I remove Shaker from the house, while Mikki learned the rules? How long would it take to teach a 4 yr old the rules?

The fun had just begun.

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