Friday, December 24, 2010

Do Veterinarians of Puerto Rico Know?

As long as people send me heartfelt emails like this, I will publish them. The veterinarians of Puerto Rico should know what people are thinking.

Carmen said:

The colegio de medicos veterinarios charges $2 for a stamp for Rabies shots. They should have some type of program of public health and they don’t. i would like to know what those funds are used for. It is not fair that rescuers have all the responsibility of attending this problem and many times use their own money it is everybody’s responsibility. I think we should somehow make the colegio to do some kind of public health service and to lower their fees it is much more expensive to take your dog to the vet than to take your kid to the pediatrician. I think it’s terrible that they refuse outside help if they are not willing to help with the problem their main concern is to be able to live to a high standard of life and to be able to pay for their yachts, jaguars, mansions etc.

This is not my opinion. Some of the people I admire most in the world are veterinarians. I love dogs, veterinarians save my “babies.”

I can’t believe that these guys know what I’m hearing the dog loving public say.

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