Friday, December 17, 2010

Little Explanation


Just as we were about to get into some really interesting body language photos of the Puerto Rican dogs, I switched gears to tell you Shaker, my dog in Illinois.

As interesting as the blonde boy is the way in which the street dogs get along fascinate me. Their social structure is so much more complicated than I ever imagined.

For this almost year that I’ve been writing this blog, the words have been easy. In love with dogs describes how I’ve felt since childhood. At my age it’s almost forever. There is so much we learn by observation over time. That’s the stuff I want to share with you.

After enjoying thirty years in dogs, the specialness of street dog society makes me feel like a kid opening a great gift.

The point is I’m being emotional mush right now and can’t write about the satos.

More will follow on the recovery of the blonde boy, who by the way is doing well.

As you may know I am dedicated to getting the Puerto Rican island dogs spayed. Spay is the way Puerto Rico is a project I have been developing to humanely control the dog population.

Thanks for reading. I really love the comments.

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