Friday, December 24, 2010

Let's Talk With the Vetrinarians of Puerto Rico

Cheryl said:
A professional organization is in charge of writing their act. Legislators just pass it as they feel this is that organization’s guidelines for that profession. The state’s Department of Professional Review is in charge of interpreting that act and issuing warnings, fines, etc. to wayward practitioners. When changes are proposed, that organization’s highly paid lobbyist is behind the scenes rubbing the legislators backs.

Let’s say to work in IL, a licensed vet from IA has to be sponsored by an Illinois vet. Just not sure who carries the liability insurance for the IA vet. From what you’re saying, that’s true in PR. In a number of states now, it is illegal for that out-of-state vet to give you his opinion/advice via any form of telecommunications.
Now, if your volunteer vets want to contact and lodge a complaint, that’s a horse of another color. The Institute of Justice is free. They’re dying to come into Illinois and rip into the vet act, but it takes someone to lodge a complaint with the IJ.
You can’t as a group go in and mess with an organizations “act.” If it is in the pipeline with changes, with lots of money; lobbyist and grass roots support you might get an amendment added. You can get legislation introduced under a separate act to cover the street dogs. Back to lots of money, lobbyist and grass roots support.
Now it would be nice if they could work out a deal with vet schools and save face. Have you contacted

Thanks, Cheryl, you are a good friend and mentor. When I get back to Puerto Rico, I will approach the Vet Asn. Perhaps the timing will be right to open a dialogue. If not, I'll give this a shot.
We need the vets input on this problem. There has to be a way to take care of the strays. The vets are the top animal proffessional. Their silence on this issue angers many activists. The rhetoric gets hot.
Some how I think their silence says that they think the problem is unsolvable. Of course until we talk, that's only a guess.  

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