Monday, December 20, 2010

Foster Rott Finds a Forever Home

Cassie, the sassy, glanced over her shoulder to see if Shaker was watching as she lapped the three acre dog park. The blonde boy picked up the gauntlet and took the lead. He slowed to let her catch him, then shifted into a faster gear. They were a joy to watch. She liked him. She let him pin her on her back. She let him win at mouth dueling. Talk about building the boy’s confidence.

Her moments of pushy behavior came at feeding time. Every opportunity her head went in his dish. Because of this I felt his assault of her dish more outstanding. Subtle signals completely reversed their usual roles.

Shaker taught Cassie to love a good car ride. The girl who refused to get in the car wanted to go everywhere. Her leash walking became polite. Cassie stayed with us for two weeks before Patty from Recycled Rotts sent her to her forever home.

Shaker experienced quality give and take with Cassie. She was sweet and not bossy. His confidence with a stronger animal has increased.

This went so well, I’ve asked Patty to let me foster another female. Shaker is ready for his next rehab experience.

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