Saturday, December 11, 2010

Can Aggressive an Dog Rehabbed in Dog Language?


A scared traumatized dog watches other dogs for signs of threat. He analyzes every move. Soon the scared dog figures out which dogs he should be cautious with or respectful of.

Along with this observation comes the realization that other dogs are scared. Recognizing the vulnerability of others gives the scared dog an opportunity to be the strong by becoming the bully. It’s classic.

Current thought on rehabbing this problem consists of building the dog’s confidence that it is safe when with their person and to look to the person when stressed. With our repeated re-direction the dog figures out we don’t want him to do that.

Yes, that is all good. I am not going to turn this dog out with others hoping that he will look at me or I’m going to have time to redirect.

The dog may live in high stress mode waiting for the next attacker. That has nothing to do with why he’ll attack. The other dog’s vulnerability becomes the trigger.

I’ve done growl classes in which we controlled the dogs’ interactions while they were muzzled. That worked out well enough that at the end of the course the dogs were together without muzzles. This was a huge improvement, but these dogs were always going to be watched cautiously.

My experience with Stormy, a street dog in Puerto Rico has taught me that even after a life threatening attack a dog can get along with all other dogs.

It’s a matter of putting Shaker in a position where he must become better in dog language. If he is the top dog, he’ll abuse. My handsome baby boy is going to be good with other dogs again.

Shaker is being rehabbed by the dogs I am selecting to teach him what he needs to learn in the canine language.

I love this guy. I’m putting everything I know on the table to so he can get back to his life.

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  1. I wanted to Personally thank you for taking one of our Dog's of our streets.

    Please feel free to let me know if I can do something on my side.

    I hope he rehabilitates quickly!