Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A Dog Day by Chi-ping

Oh, happy day, she’s so proud of me for not soiling the house last night, she gave me some of the cat’s moist food from a can. The cat was having a fit, telling her that’s my food, my food. She doesn’t speak animal or didn’t care. The cat food was coming my way. Yeah, the hell with Smoki, the complaining cat. Give me some good stuff!
Smoki had moist food in his bowl, but he wouldn’t shut up about his food. He gets me all nervous because he is the number one pet. I can’t chance that he won’t make her change her mind. I gulped that Fancy Feast down fast. I felt rushed like Blondie was breathing down my back. She wasn’t even in the house or you know whose feast that would have been.
I was so excited. You know what I did? I ran into her office and wet. My ears gave me away. I ran back in the kitchen where she was and gave her the, I’m sorry I screwed up ears. She knew right away what I’d done.
With the humiliation I could have died. There’s Smoki, meow, meow; still complaining about his food, and she’s looking for the mishap. When she found it, she didn’t say anything, just gave me a look that told me sad and disappointed.
Being outside in Puerto Rico is not a punishment. Knowing I’m not inside on a pillow hanging with her because I screwed up is a punishment. It’s all her fault; she gave me the cat’s food. She should have known I’d get all excited. A girl forgets her manners sometimes, when she gets excited. I’m just a little girl. I grew up on papers.
Before long I headed down the road to see what the neighbors put out for the satos. The corner sniffing post, which in human terms is a bulletin board, had a strong masculine scent. This required further investigation. He’d been and gone the story of my life. Woe is me. Some of these bitches getting ready to go into heat; just what this island needs is more puppies.
At nap time, I headed back to my porch. She opened the door. The pillow called me. I swear it spoke my name. Wake me for dinner. Chi-ping     

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