Monday, January 28, 2013

A Dog Day in the Country by Chi-Ping

Oh, what a day. I took off with Geri at the break of morning. Blondie wanted back in the house, as soon as the door opened. Geri headed up the road with the pole that touches the ground in front of him and behind. That means we’re going to have a good time. This man carries a big pole. He knows what he’s doing. He points the tip of the pole at the object he desires, whap, the fruit is on the ground. Soon we’re heading back to his house.
I pranced into the yard with Geri. The door to the house closed before I could get inside. Hey, I’m still in the yard. I barked. The door didn’t open for me. The yard gate is tight, no way out. No water, no pad, like a street dog, I’m in the sun with my black coat.
The scent of lunch drifts out the door, my mouth waters. We earned our meals this morning. My services in this endeavor are important. I am protection from rats, or snakes or even from mongoose. You don’t really want to catch a mongoose, just bark and make a big show of it. The mongoose usually knows to move along. It’s not welcome here. Humans are usually grateful when you save them from a rat. Humans emit an odor when they become afraid of something. Don’t pay any attention to what they say or how they act. The smell tells. I should be in for a good lunch today.
Sounds by the door tell me he’s coming. Lunch smells so good. What’s coming my way? My tails wags fast. I set my legs so I don’t fall. Geri lights a cigarette once outside the door. Don’t pet my head with that smelly hand. Where’s my food? Hey, you saw the rat I killed for you. It was a big, mean rat. I’m jumping on your leg for my wages. Don’t be laughing at me! People, what’s wrong with them?
Once free my legs flew up the driveway. Where’s Blondie? Open the door, I need some water. Blondie, move over I need a spot on the sofa. Get your nose out of my butt I’ll tell you all about what happened to me. What do you mean? Later, you have to go out.
Oh, well, let me see what’s in the bowl. Sometimes, if I stand by the refrigerator door wagging my tail at sonic speeds, she gets the message. Cheddar is rapidly becoming a favorite.
Later, y’all I have human training to do.

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