Tuesday, January 8, 2013



It’s me, Chi-ping. So much has happened. Somebody must tell you, even if she won’t. We’re back in Puerto Rico, where it’s warm. Don’t let anybody tell you New Orleans doesn’t get cold. I liked to freeze the tip of my tail off. Maybe, that’s why some of those dogs from the states don’t have tails. They froze off. It’s really frightening.

I flew home with my folks and the crabby cat, Smoki. He’s always showing me his front paw, like it has a thorn in it or something. He thinks I’m afraid of him. Hah, I laugh at his puny weapon. I snapped at him once in the bed. She tapped my butt with the remote control, which insulted me. I showed her. I went to the end of the bed to lay down. How she could take that old cat’s side; I don’t know.

As I walked through the airport with my tail held high, people looked at me, smiled and pointed. I felt like a star, until she put me in a bag, and stuck something down my throat. The lights went out a little later.

When I woke up we were in Aguadilla. I went outside to potty. This man kept pointing at me saying,” Boricua dog, Boricua dog.” Well, of course. I guess that’s just another thing I’m famous for, like traveling.

When we got out of the car, I ran right down the hill to tell everybody I was home. The lady, who took care of me when I became a street dog, chased me out of her yard. She must be so upset that she didn’t get to come with, so that’s what jealousy looks like. It’s not too pretty, I’ll tell you. I bounced up the hill my house, my house; I’m not a street dog.

The folks went to pick up Blondie after midnight, leaving Smoki and I to spend some quality time. She thinks she’s funny, when she tells me shit like that. Everybody knows dogs protect the house. I bark alarm. That bossy cat doesn’t. I’ll never know what she sees in him.

Blondie jumped around, all happy when she got home, but then went into a blue funk like you’ve never seen. She didn’t know if she was a pet or a street dog. She acted afraid to go into the house. I showed her several times. It didn’t help. She can be a bit slow, if you know what I mean.

See, I told you a lot has happened.

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