Sunday, January 13, 2013

Chi-ping's Night Without House Soiling

Hi, again; it’s Chi-ping. I have been trying really hard not to pee or poop in the house. It’s hell, when she’s not happy with me.

Last night I slept in the living room on the sofa with Blondie, who doesn’t sleep in the bed because she’s an old street cur. When she sleeps Blondie doesn’t like anything touching her. Slightest bump she jumps up with a bad attitude, no cuddling during the night with that bitch.

I went to bed at first. She was on her side reading, so I could snuggle behind her knee. I get right in there at the bend and push into it with my back. Let the breath out slowly. I say aah, and then fall into a restful sleep.

The next thing I know she was stretching as she put her book on the nightstand. Needless to say this wakes an animal up. But I realized when I am in the bed I sleep more soundly.

“So”, you say. This is not good because when I wake up, I stagger over somewhere to wee-wee. What do you want from me? That’s how I grew up. Papers, to this day I see a newspaper and I want to wet it.

This doing your stuff outside is new to me. My human mom got lost in her SUV, and left me by the side of the road. With no papers in sight, I had to improvise. I wet outside. Now, this woman thinks I should do it outside all the time. The pressure it puts on a little girl like me is just too much.

Still, I try to work with her, so I slept on the sofa with cranky Blondie. When I woke up having to go I cried. She came flying in the living room on cue. I ran outside, did my business. She’s going to be so happy today. I can see some treats coming my way. Ha-ha!

Now, it’s 6 am, just getting light; let’s see what shit we can get into before breakfast! Enjoy your day, Y’all.

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