Monday, February 13, 2012

Daily Life With Satos

Blondie is off teaching Chi-ping and Goofy what she learned when she was new to the hill and Stormy would take her hunting. They come home charged up and all wet from underbrush in time for a breakfast of ¾ cup kibble with a splash of milk, which for the size of these dogs is not a whole lot of food, so their diet is subsidized at neighbors or elsewhere.

The dysplastic or injured Bay with deformed spayed feet acquired by living in confinement on concrete had waited for them at the bottom of the driveway.

Bay with his excellent manners and temperament is the dog most in need of a loving home because the loss of his safe confinement still causes his cheeks to huff and puff as he looks around even when no person or dog is near.

My sense of Bay is completely under socialized and exercised, with his soft sad eyes the apathy still there, except when he rushes down the hill barking all the way to protect against the loud motorcycle.

Training games should be good for us all tonight, since the only dog with a clue about what we are doing when we play sit games is the little dog in the center of the pack standing on her hind legs but sits with some coaxing.

Blondie acts as if she were thinking; sit, sit, where have I heard that before? I love to watch her think; it is difficult for her when her brow scrunches over her eyes, which are not really focused on me in spite we’re looking at each other, you can see. When she finally gives the sit, we are both so proud of her, some confidence with sit should come soon.

Mouths open Bay and Goofy stand without a clue that anything is expected of them; that will change soon enough, but for now is endearing watching the “What, you want me to do something!” look on both boys’ faces.

Goofy is the right name for this lanky teenage dog with sweet medium brown eyes and so much to learn who puts his nose into the middle of everything.

I’ll let you know how the games turn out. Tricia

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