Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Street Dogs on the Hill

As we clean and unpack, the dogs (Satos) are settling in to life on the hill with the return of the neighbors from the states.

Blondie protects all of the houses in her immediate territory or spot, but spends her time here, except for field trips.

Chi-ping, who visits home frequently, no longer wears my neighbor’s collar or spends nights in her yard. Chi-ping, Blondie’s sidekick and friend, loves to play chase games with the now fully bloomed big blonde girl.

Goofy, I mean Lassie, has to get in on everything in that way teenage males get their mouths going. His audibly snapping teeth are setting mine on edge. When Blondie or Chi-ping comes to me for attention, Lassie will not be permitted to snap or grab them by the neck for attention.

Blondie will take as much as she can before she beats the crap out of him. Much more tolerant than she was a few years ago, the old girl has mellowed, yeah.

Today I only had to stand in a protective posture to get Lassie to stand away from the old collie, Bay while he ate. Easier to manage each day, I find myself falling in love with the big brown eyes watching for direction. Gee, that can go for both these collies.

Over the years I’ve had a few collies in class, but never lived with one. Bay is a sweet soul man and Goofy; well he had me at, “Duh?”

Bay, who still doesn’t come on the porch, sleeps under my bedroom window at the back of the house; which has the cat all pissed off, meowing in that irritated yowl of his.

Oh yes, Smoki, the fifteen year old retired kennel cat, who complains as much as a Siamese, can be heard by the dogs on the porch who pay attention to all the meow, meow, meows.

Chi-ping has thought to dart into the house, but was easy to redirect. Smoki, known to herd aussies into the corner in his younger days, was in the posture that says, READY. Just what I need is the cat with attitude; of course he is, always and forever.

The dogs are napping, so time to do laundry. Enjoy your dog, Tricia

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