Thursday, February 9, 2012

Discarded Dogs Emotionally Trashed

Bay, the darling old collie sleeps outside my bedroom window. Smoki the cat can’t see the below the level of the window, but is acutely aware of his presence, looking out the window and acting concerned.

Today is the first day the dog has had the confidence and trust to come on the porch with us with both of us being steady and consistent in our approach.

Discarded dogs look so emotionally trashed after being dumped, that I can almost tell how long they’ve been on the street by the look in their eyes.

The first week a dazed what just happened; where am I look says scared and confused. Can you imagine the terror of the first night all alone in the street?

It would not anthropomorphic to suggest that a being raised in the safety of a yard or better would be scared; would it?

Confused, alone you go up to the nearest human with a scared low tail beat. Head down you can’t say what just happened to you; perhaps the human will see how forlorn you are and take pity, but no he is yelling and throwing things at you that hurt’ run, run away!

Dogs think we are good until we prove them wrong. When this happens we can still see in their eyes that they want to believe us, but they’ve been dumped and hit and chased away.

So when I get the I want to believe you, but I’m not sure if you’re an asshole look I know it will take a little time for this animal to trust a human again.

I am content to let a dog just be in my presence; he just hits the smooze button and you just can’t help fall in love with the guy. Bay is laying by his chair now.

As much as we enjoy the collies, I think it best we plan to re-home them. This is Puerto Rico; these are discarded collies requiring maintenance. They are not the type of dogs to make it as street dogs.

Bay is about to begin a rehabilitation program and Goofy is going to get some training.

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