Saturday, February 4, 2012

Today's Thoughts

Lassie, who looks more like Goofy with his big black nose, is rolling in the cut grass with Blondie.

While Blondie and Lassie chase around the house the old collie marks the perimeter, a couple of meals have made a difference. He doesn’t yet have the confidence to lay on the car port with us sitting out. Kirt pets the long face until the old guy smiles; it won’t be long.

I could watch dogs all day, just as I could when I was in my teens. For so many of us, the love affair with dogs only deepens over time. All dog lovers begin a journey in which want to learn more about dogs, can’t spend enough time in the company of dogs. Your head is nodding; we are kindred spirits.

Each breed brings subtle or not differences in temperament and behavior. I look forward to a collie experience.

The election year gives an opportunity to learn what the candidates plan to do about the dog situation, which will be my priority until November. I’ m getting my driver’s license and voting card next week, I hope.

Politics is right up there with root canal, but determined I’m going in. If I can find a grass roots organization in progress, they’ll have a new supporter.

May dogs be with you, Tricia

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