Friday, February 10, 2012

Starving Street Dogs Spurn Kibble

The island dogs are fed mostly table scraps, so kibble can be a tad foreign to them, but I think the brand I purchased must be crap. Two weeks later and they only want the milk I use to drown the ants.

Melissa, I have done taste tests before, they have favorite kibbles, but this is not one of them. It’s just sad that kibble can be so bad a hungry street dog turns his nose up at it.

They are only getting the kibble in the morning because I can’t take a chance of it being left in the night for rodents. Two full size collie boys will not eat over a cup of this stuff a day. Blondie and Chi-ping only lap the milk. Blondie, who is notorious for protecting food, looks disinterested when Bay gets up enough nerve to check out her dish.

I don’t buy kibble with dyes, but with so many to feed, I can’t afford the better brands. These dogs will eat rats, little lizards, trash; so what does that say about this dog food?

Since I don’t remember what I was feeding before, more taste testing is on the schedule. I wish we had some sample sized packs so we could really establish a preference, as it is the first brand they eat with a little gusto wins.

On a happy note, the obviously hungry Bay was the first to eat today hopping on the porch to chow down.

Today we’ll bring some food for the dogs by the beach in Aguadilla; perhaps they won’t be as picky.

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