Friday, February 24, 2012

Dogs Part of Island Charm

When you’re down hearted, feeling low, at the end of your rope this is where you want to be, you CAN trust me on this one, I know.

Hammocks hanging from the Palm trees and sea grapes that frame my view of the Caribbean Sea, with surf sounds ranging from soothing to almost scary at times is a scene that makes anything better.

Friendly dogs,Lili and Paco, the cutest pair of brown doxi and heaven only knows, follow grounds keeper Willy as he primps and tidies, they chase under the hammocks and around the palms like the happiest k9 kids ever despite both having injured rears.

Pelicans looking like jets in formation patrol the shallow water, then soar to plummet height to dive into breakfast, now, this is morning's entertainment.

Honestly the little lizards doing pushups and inflating their throats is a good opening act for my first cup of coffee. If the well tanned young men are bobbing in the surf waiting for the right wave at the same time, my life is complete.

Last night we celebrated my hubby’s birthday at Musafa’s (Carr. #3 Maunabo) karaoke night party with people singing their hearts out was a ton of fun, especially when this thin man with very erect posture in khaki pants, a blue sleeveless tee shirt and a white hard hat strode into the room; with a flair he took off the hard hat, grabbed the micro phone, belted out a song, put his hard hat and with posture just as erect as ever strode back out the way he came in. Bravo birthday night success.

The dogs stand at enough of a distance for them to figure out, if you like dogs and if you are good for food or a tummy rub, which Lili is very fond of tummy rubs, flopping over at any sign that you will rub the tummy for even a second.

Any trash attracts rodents, so the staff toss any food stuffs to the dogs as they clean the rooms, this wise practice seems common on the island. The more contexts that I see the island dogs in, the more it seems that they have a unique ecological niche.

A large dose of the beauty of nature, friendly places and if I’m still hanging by a rope; I’ll deal with it on Monday.

May dogs be with you!

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