Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Kibble for Hungry Street Dogs


When street dogs won’t eat the kibble you offer, what are you supposed think?

When Kirt and I finally arrived in Puerto Rico, we picked up a large bag of dog food. There are always dogs to feed here.

Imagine how I felt when I scooped out the kibble for the new and old street dogs in the neighborhood and they walked away after sniffing it.

What is this? Why do hungry street dogs walk away from kibble? I was shocked and without an acceptable answer; not that it’s just really crappy dog food is an acceptable answer.

Someone suggested that they didn’t know it as food. Blondie certainly has had a variety of kibbles; some she likes, some not. She hardly protects this kibble, which is unusual for the princess of I, me, mine.

Chiping, who was thrown away on our road last spring grew up on kibble. The two new street dogs to the neighborhood are Collies, the older one being pure bred. These are the hungriest of the lot; they pick at the kibble.

If this food is so crappy that dogs with a choice walk away from, how sad is that family pets with no choice are forced to eat it.

Yes, this is my first post in months and I’m bitching about dog food. Still, it’s good to be back.



  1. OTOH, I don't like broccoli and would rather eat kibble, so there! Some foods of course tends to have a higher value. Comparing kibble to food scraps from trash bags and cans, I can see they'd need to be rather hungry to accept it.

    The big guy next to me eats anything he can catch. But, if I put down five different food samples, he will clearly show his preference. If I had only given him wet food and scraps, he'd probably turn away dry food unless very hungry.

  2. It would be interesting to do a comparison "study". Offer a few different types of kibble (range of quality) and see if the dogs have a different reaction.