Saturday, June 12, 2010

A Canine Act of Kindness

The stunned Bluto looks to see which way his girl went as Stormy barks in his face.

The consort of fair Snow White has a steady stream of suitors to contend with for what reason; I will love to know!

This is a puzzle to me. It’s been a good two and a half weeks since I saw Snow beleaguered by boys mounting her weary bones. Her snappish behavior told me how over her heat cycle was then; the mounting is no longer about sex.

Well, it’s not about copulating now; I think she must be emitting a scent or a musk that keeps these guys coming.

Even old Toby is here looking all spry; he is ready for the love train, until Bonita remembers she kicked his butt out of here in March when he was down and out looking for a spot. Confidence is all it takes some days. The big old terrier tumbles down the hillside with the little red waif in hot pursuit.

If Toby were human we wouldn’t see him again until his ego recovered, being the dog he is, he is back hiding in the grass within minutes.

Snow seems to have convinced her man of the moment that no means no. It very much looks like the canine version of,”I’m here for ya, baby, any time you want it.”
 Blondie is alpha bitch of her spot on the hill. Bonita will tell you that it is best to do what her mommy tells you. Blondie has driven Snow away for days, but there’s nowhere for her to go. None of the humans on the hill want her, so they chase her off, which is why she is hiding in the grass by my house.

So Snow White tells her sisters on the hill that she is here she has nowhere else to go, your painful nips can’t make me go. I am more afraid of the human yelling and waiving things at me. Bite all you want, I’ll just go into the weeds.

The kibble is scattered on the ramp to our carport, so Blondie can’t protect it all without being a crazed bitch, which sometimes she does so well. Blondie is so I, me, mine that she runs from food pile to pile.

The moments that I love Blondie the most are when she allows Snow on the ramp to eat. My Blon honey is ready to enforce her right to eat the food first of the girls, but she lets Snow eat her fill before she pins her with teeth to the ear. It’s like she whispers, “Who’s the boss?”

But she let her eat. Blondie is always preoccupied with protecting her resources. She knows what it is to do without. When we first met, she was living on rats and beans. This is a moment of kindness. This is an act of generosity! She shared her food with strangers.

The girls and Stormy were doing a fine job of chasing them away. Eventually they would have continued up the hill, where dogs must live on what they catch in the field. The shadow dogs here live like the coyotes do in Illinois.

The choices for Puerto Rico are:

Auswitch Island for dogs or murder the mutts.

LaLaLaLa! Let’s wait to build a shelter or nada damn thing.

Zero population growth or spay is the way.

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