Monday, June 7, 2010

Dogs In The Grass

After almost an hour of laying in the grass or when Stormy toddled off; Bluto is back on my porch tasting kibble left in the dish.

Blondie and Storm have taught Bonita to stay away from the food bowl until they no longer have an interest, since she was a baby. She still obeys that rule.
Bonita sees Bluto eating the kibble that seems to change the rules. As soon as he vacates the bowl, she is chowing down with abandon. Bonita usually chews quietly so she doesn’t raise her mother’s ire.
The relaxed way the girls are lounging around soaking up the sun, indicates a lack of interest in the macho war.

The white female from last week’s hunting party is hiding in the grass. Last week she was just out of season, only the virgin boys were still interested in her then, so the boys are not fighting about sex. I didn’t know she was here until she came out of the grass.

The hunting group was raucous. We could hear them coming, they scared game in their path. The island dogs can be as stealthy as a coyote. A couple of steps into the brush and I would not know them were there.
Bluto must not have liked my kibble; he’s home now. Stormy is snoozing contentedly on his porch. Snow White is in the forest probably with Sleepy, Dopey and Doc incubating inside her.
I can’t afford to spay every bitch that wanders into the neighborhood. There has to be another way.

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