Friday, June 11, 2010

The Humble Life of Puerto Rican Street Dogs

The home team is sitting vigilantly in the road wearing happy faces. They have thrown out the interloping Snow White and somebody has beat Bluto’s ear bloody. He went home to get it fixed.
 Stormy is strutting around on testosterone overload; I mean somebody get him some camouflage and an eye patch. The girls are ready to rest and he is going in after Bluto, who just wants to rest his head.

That was a couple of days ago. Today my little Storm is a pooped pup. Lance’s behavior simply says if she’s here, so am I. The Storm tactics have been to dog, harass and annoy. He seems to know better than to add nip to that equation, which I’ve seen him do repeatedly to Bluto.

If the girls accept Snow White Stormy may be forced to accept Lance’s rule, this guy is a he-man.

Today Blondie stepped in the direction of tolerating the new girl. Covering her, daring her to move is way more tolerant than, if you come into my spot; I’ll bite you until you scream.
Dog wars are not a good thing. Rounding them up and mass murdering them is very bad, please, don’t tell these humble animals that their lives are not worth living; I think they would disagree.

Zero population growth; SPAY IS THE WAY! Puerto Rico!!

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