Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Satos On The Hill

Folding the wash, preparing to close the house is keeping me from crying. I love people; I am not one of those who love dogs hate people.

Leaving our friends on the island is sad, but leaving the “Satos” we spend time observing and feeding. We visit and feed a good number of dogs here.

My daily smile is with the “Satos” on the hill. The greeting ritual with these dogs is a highlight any day. Blondie and Bonita really get into it. Blondie squeals as I stroke her sides. Bonita loves to grab my finger with her front teeth; her delicate touch with her front teeth shows no ill will. That I let her do it, I believe shows my good will. It feels like we are bridging a gap in the relationship.

One thing I have to say right now is that the Puerto Rican Government needs to take care of this problem. These are dogs breeding in the streets. Because people take compassion and feed an animal that does not make it their animal. These dogs are fed all over the neighborhood.

When Puerto Rico quits feeding the dogs, she’ll be feeding the rats. The government needs to step up, adopt a program that will pay dividends in tourism.

Puerto Rico has an infrastructure to carry out an island wide spay program. FOICCA is the Federation of Animal Control Officers in Puerto Rico.

They can work with whatever department will fund the operation. The results will improve the world image of Puerto Rico.

FOICCA can work with tourism by showing visitors the best places to find healthy adoptable Satos. Tourists may need help in finding a veterinarian to vaccinate and prepare the animal for the trip home.

Maybe one day, I won’t have to leave. Miss you my loves. SPAY IS THE WAY.

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