Monday, June 14, 2010

Finding A Spot Is Not Easy

Blondie emits a high pitched, “rraurgh!” It sounded more like something that come out of Bonita. The tonal quality was so puppy like. Snow White comes out of her spot in the grass to eat. Blondie has invited Snow to have breakfast with her; how exciting.
Bonita’s eyes are fixed on her mom; she’s waiting for clues as to what to do next. She looks shocked that Snow White is invited to share the resources. Her body language says she is ready to pounce on Snow, if only Blondie will give the signal.

As harsh as Blondie has been with Bonita around food, this has to be strange for Bonita to see her mother invite an outsider to eat. Snow White trots over to the food like someone said, “Come and get it.”

Blondie stands next to Snow while she eats one of the piles of food placed at the end of the carport ramp. When she finishes the pile, Snow stretches her neck towards another kibble, Blondie mounts her. Snow is a pretty cool chick, she stands still for Blondie’s domination while grabbing every kibble she can reach.

It looks like acceptance when the old Airedale, Toby arrives. Bonita knows she has shagged his rear off before; she gives a fierce growl, Blondie and Stormy back her play. Snow hides in the tall grass as the home team kicks Toby butt out of here.

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