Thursday, June 10, 2010

This Girl Needs A Home

Snow White is hiding in the grass bouncing from one spot to the next getting her butt beat by the resident females.

Bluto played the role of her hero until he got his ear chewed off by probably Lance, the handsome Am. Staff or Bull Terrier, Snow White’s current leading man.

In the photo above notice how smitten Lance is with Bonita. The next picture shows how she is under his spell.

Snow White is submissive with Stormy, and then Blondie takes a turn showing

off her rank. White must lie perfectly still for as long as Blondie chooses to remain on top of her, which was long enough that I made the food is coming noise to end it. Had White moved first Blondie would have inflicted a lesson in pain.

Blondie is getting ready to accept S. W. and Lance. Forcing White to submit is a big improvement over ust beating her up.
Bonita is gaga for Lance. Stormy is not having it, but he has to pick his battles. Old Toby the large scruffy Terrier from down the hill is here to vie for Snow White. They were breeding her three weeks ago, she’s out of season. Don’t know why they are still behaving like suitors; residual musk or a bladder infection gives as similar odor, I am told.
Snow White makes the rounds of the local spots, wherever the resistance decreases is where she will end up. Her man of the moment will only defend her from other males should they become too amorous. Other than that this sister is on her own.
Each breeding cycle this is allowed to continue will make it that much more difficult for an animal to find a spot to live. Spay is the Way Puerto Rico!

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