Sunday, June 6, 2010

Puerto Rican Lemonaide

Every day we go places on this beautiful island; we see dogs joined the ranks of the many Puerto Rican people feeding the Satos, the feral or island dogs. It’s a national past time; these people do love their dogs. This is a good society to be so broke. To me that says huge wonderful things about the people, la Corazon!

For a serious dog lover this is the opportunity of a life time. I get to meet some of the wisest dogs I have ever met in my life, yes, I said wisest.

How else can you say street smart without giving it a negative connotation?

In the states we are dysfunctional with our dogs at the opposite end of the spectrum from here.
We worship and adore these critters to the point we’re telling them they can get on our laps, if they’d only get up and give us space on the couch; then we take them to school to learn who the boss is. Smirk.
Thank heaven; we also have some pretty great trainers in the states! You’ve got to see how schizophrenic puppies must get when raised in the trip from worship & adore to you had better do what I say, now. And we didn’t see it coming when spoiled critters go from worshipped to what the f—are you doing to “King”, I have teeth; SEE!
In my behavior practice I have worked with the Kings, Princesses about to be dethroned. I won’t get into the psychology of a nation of loving people looking for a safe vessel for their love. We have found that in dogs; that is until we start looking for a little r-e-s-p-e-c-t.
Some of us create our own little monsters; that’s no surprise.
Adopting a Puerto Rican street dog is the answer for the respect starved mush mellow dog lovers. These “Satos” are respectful and submissive; so many skinny dogs follow me as I walk away from the food to give them space to eat without a stranger hovering.

The hardest thing for me about meeting, greeting and feeding island dogs is that I fall in love over and over again. I want them all.

Even an old salt like John Saccenti, Pres. of C.D.I., New Jersey who told me he encountered only nice, friendly dogs when touring the island with Tim Vazquez. John said that based on his experience the Puerto Rican Island dogs were a pleasant surprise. This was a lovely compliment coming from a man who trains animal control officers.

I want to that John and his organization for the lovely badge; it looks good on me.

Congratulations for another fine course in Puerto Rico, bravo!

HELLO PUERTO RICO, tourism opportunity here; it will be so much fun!! 

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