Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Dog Language & Behavior

I have started comparing Blondie’s vocalizations with Storm’s. Her barks to him reflect back what he has barked to her and then there is the modifier, which is frequently the third or fourth word/syllable i.e., woo-woo-woo-ruff. There is a pre bark that may be another modifier or qualifier, then the three bark major content, which may or may not be followed by a modifier.

The dogs here have better developed canine language skills because they actually get to bark. Back in Illinois the cops would have broken up the dog fight last night. Disturbing the peace citations would have been issued.

In the last few years here on the hill, we had a street dog to every four to six houses, some neighborhoods maybe less dogs.

Dogs gather for group activity other than to gang bang a lovely lady. We watched them hunt just last week. Sometimes a group of dogs will go check out other dogs’ spots. They come for an unwelcome, but tolerated spot check. The dogs doing the inspection have spots; it’s like going to check out the neighbors.

Stormy and the girls get pouty and stiff in the legs during spot check, but they say nothing. Sometimes Stormy will have a difficult time holding his ire. He shows the visitors that he is barely in control, but avoids confrontation.

In our rural part of the island it is more than interloping; this has become an invasion. Right now in the rain there are three interlopers hoping to get this spot. The home team is on red alert. Bonita is ever so bravely letting these dogs know she is not sharing her crummy kibble with any strays.

Last year there was a study on dogs in a shelter situation in which the dogs’ basic needs were met. The author talked in glowing terms about how egalitarian dog society really is.

In the last four years on the hill when we weren’t inundated with strays; it was rather amazing here. My friends who love dogs and dog behavior as much as I do would love the experience. It is without a doubt one of the best behavior labs ever.

I do not wish to study the dynamics of scarcity; let’s get these girls spayed! SPAY IS THE WAY!

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