Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Snow White excels at the subtle art of submission. She knows just how far away she needs to stay. Snow stops short of aggravating Blondie with every advance. Her humble demeanor has brought out the best in Blondie, who actually invited Snow to eat in a friendly puppy like voice.

Blondie stands like a boss looking over her shoulder, a not subtle reminder that she is eating by her good graces which could end at any time. Snow averts her eyes half closing them, her lopsided ears twist and move in the most pathetically appealing fashion.

Lance is off to other pursuits, good thing for Stormy. Sad to say Snow White has no magic musk that keeps a male coming around; looks more like self interest.

Toby is here to share anything that might come her way. He gave Snow a couple of front end bounces and a bark to get her to give up some of her kibble pile. Bonita took offense at that; she ran over and did basically the same thing to him! He backed off. Toby is getting Bonita’s number, but that first confrontation with her last March must have been memorable.

Bonita’s experience with chasing off Toby may cause her to side with Stormy if the two males end up fighting for the spot. Toby has a spot about a half a mile away from here. Last week when he got tired of following Snow White, he would go home for dinner. His bowl is by the house. It could be that another male is moving in there; I don’t know.

What I do know is if the dog population is allowed to grow; it will get serious for these dogs whose lives are difficult enough. They are interesting, lovely animals. They deserve to live. Spay is the way, Puerto Rico.

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